: 'Time Bomb': Media reveals how Opposition Bloc MPs offer Ukraine to legalize 'DPR-LPR'

17:41 Mar. 30, 2016

'Time Bomb': Media reveals how Opposition Bloc MPs offer Ukraine to legalize 'DPR-LPR'

A man holds a flag of self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic during a rally at Poklonnaya Gora Memorial Park on September 27, 2014 in Moscow, Russia. (AP Images)

Ukraine may become a de facto federation, experts say 

According to bill No.4297 tabled by a group of Opposition Bloc's MPs, in certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, determined according to the Minsk agreements, the Rada (Ukraine's Parliament) shall create an inter-regional territorial association Donbas ("MTO Donbas"), according to Chetverta Vlada.

In addition, MTO Donbas (an inter-regional territorial association Donbas), as an integral part of the territory of Ukraine is supposed to enjoy the status of inter-regional association with an independent state administration system, according to the draft law.

The MTO is formed on a temporary basis and shall not be an independent subject of the system of administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine.

The bill also stipulates that the authorities and local government of MTO Donbas decide on the establishment, structure, the number of units of people's militia for the protection of public order and coordinate their activities.

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The publication reports that, the supreme representative body in MTO Donbas shall be the Representative Assembly of MTO Donbas, which shall perform representative, rule-making, control functions and powers within its competence.

It is reported that this law enters into force from the day following the date of its release.

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Election of the head of MTO Donbas, deputies of the Representative Assembly and local deputies shall be scheduled on October 25, 2016.

The publication stresses several points of what is actually being proposed by the Opposition Bloc's deputies:

1. Ukraine would become a de facto federation. That is, the time-bomb alike the Autonomous Republic of Crimea-2 is being planted into the foundation of Ukraine's statehood.

2. As part of Ukraine there is formed an entity with state authority (especially in terms of regulating law enforcement and conclusion of international agreements).

3. This entity, in turn, is based on a unitary principle, which is anything but in the spirit of decentralization discussed (all the issues of economic relations and management are delegated to the central authority of  MTO Donbas rather than communities).

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Thus, it would be in fact a capitulation for Ukraine: a huge source of tension would be created within a state with a special relationship with the neighbour-aggressor; the Ukrainian society would not be able to accept this model of governance, and therefore the country would be doomed to a political crisis and early elections.

Reporting by UNIAN 


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