POW exchange: Two Ukrainians freed from militant captivity – Poroshenko (photo)

15:05 Sep. 17, 2016

Two Ukrainians freed from militant captivity – Poroshenko (photo)

Captured Ukrainian servicemen seen ahead of an exchange of war prisoners, February 12, 2016 (GettyImages Photo)

Yuriy Suprun and heavily mutilated Volodymyr Zhemchugov were exchanged for four persons, accused of violating Ukraine's territorial intergrity

Two Ukrainian citizens were freed from the militant prison in Donbas, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Saturday, September 17.

‘Volodymyv Zhemchugov and Yuriy Suprun have been released from captivity! They will be provided with medical help', Poroshenko posted on Twitter.

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Both Ukrainians are civilians, an SBU rep said in an interview with a local media outlet. 

Yuriy Suprun, who was named a UN representative, was captured by the Russian-backed separatist forces in early April. The UN released a statement afterwards, demanding the release of its member.

Volodymyr Zhemchugov had been imprisoned by the Luhansk militants since September 2015. He was kidnapped during his trip to the separatist-controlled region.

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According to reports, Zhemchugov was heavily injured after he accidently triggered a land mine. The man lost his hands and eyes in the blast.

The militants accused him of planning to blow up railway tracks and power lines.   

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