Come train us: U.S. instructors will train Russian special forces in Chechnya - Kadyrov

11:43 Nov. 23, 2016

U.S. instructors will train Russian special forces in Chechnya - Kadyrov

Regional leader Ramzan Kadyrov addresses a rally marking the 13th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Russian region of Chechnya (AP photo)

The Chechen special forces training camp is still being developed since February 2015

According to the source, U.S. instructors will be presented at the international special forces training camp in Chechnya, Russia's autonomous republic head Ramzan Kadyrov claimed, the BBC reports. 

"One cannot deny the fact that in the United States there are some really tough guys with a huge experience of participating in both black and white ops in the Latin America, Asia, Africa," the Chechen leader told the Interfax agency.

This international training camp is being installed near the town of Gudermes since February 2015, and special forces combatants from Russia and other countries are due to be trained there. Around ten American instructors from private security companies have applied for participation in the project, according to Kadyrov.

"Those are the people of note. We'll see. And the United States official agencies are under sanctions in Chechnya." he claimed. 

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The military and diplomatic representatives from Argentine, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Norway, Pakistan, Oman, the South African Republic, Tanzania, Philippines and China have expressed interest in participation in the training.



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