Ukraine delegation in Romania: Ukraine air force to take part in Bucharest International Air Show

13:12 Jul. 30, 2016

Ukraine air force to take part in Bucharest International Air Show

SU-27 jets at Air Show in Ukraine, June 26, 2016 (UNIAN Photo)

Pilots SU-27 fighter jets and AN-26 transport aicraft to show their skills in Romania

Ukrainian military air force is expected to participate in the International Air Show, that is scheduled to take place in Romanian capital Bucharest. This is according to Ukrainian news agency UNIAN. 

Two fighter jets SU-27 and SU-27UB as well as a military transport aircraft AN-26 will show what they are capable of in the air.

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Event attendees are also expected to have an opportunity to have a closer look at the aircraft, as the airplanes will be demonstrated on the ground. 

The show is set to take place in Bucharest on July 30, 31. 

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Ukrainian participation in the show is a part of the official visit of the country's Defense Ministry to Romania. 

Kyiv is looking to strike a deal with other participant Denmark on military cooperation, namely, holding a joint operation "Northern Hawk-2017". 

The operation is a delivery mission, during which Ukrainian IL-76 pilots will transport almost 1 mln tons of cargo to station Nord, a military and scientific station in northern Greenland. 

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