Fuel from Russia: Ukraine and Russia strike deal on nuclear fuel

15:46 Aug. 3, 2016

Ukraine and Russia strike deal on nuclear fuel


Under terms of agreement, Russia will enrich Ukrainian raw uranium, which will be used at nuclear power plant in Ukraine

Kyiv and Moscow have signed a contract regarding uranium supplies. The deal has been struck between Ukrainian state-run concern Nuclear fuel and International Uranium Enrichment Center. This is according to Russian news agency TASS with references to the Center representative Gleb Yefremov.

"The contract was approved at the stockholders meeting on July 31, 2016. Now the deal comes into force, and we wait for the shipments of raw uranium from our Ukrainian partners",Yefremov said.

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Under the terms of the agreement, Ukraine will ship its raw uranium to Russia for enrichment, which will later be used in work in Ukrainian nuclear power plants. According to the contract, the first shipments should occur at the end of the year. 

Ukrainian Nuclear fuel corporation is a stockholder at the Uranium Enrichment Center with 10% share. Armenian and Kazakh state companies have the same amount of shares. The biggest stockholder is Russian state-owned corporation Rosatom. 

Earlier it was reported Ukraine could import nuclear fuel from Australia to reduce dependence on Russia 

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