News from Donbas warzone: Ukraine forces "clean up" pro-Russian provokers in Toretsk after alleged protests

17:59 Jul. 9, 2016

Ukraine forces "clean up" pro-Russian provokers in Toretsk after alleged protests

Police arrive in Toretsk after alleged protests aimed to block movement of Ukrainian military (Photo by

Law enforcers have arrested pro-Russian militant who was hiding among locals, National police say

Ukrainian police have arrived in the government-controlled city of Toretsk in the Donetsk region to combat terrorism. The law enforcers are aiming to locate potentially dangerous pro-Russian militants and take measures to neutralize them, according to National police office in the Donetsk region. 

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The raid has already yielded first results, officers say. An alleged pro-Russian militant, who was hiding among the locals, has been arrested during the operation. 

The man is suspected of participating in the unrests in the city two years ago. 

"He took part in the occupation of Toretsk in May-June 2014. This mercenary was guarding the roadblocks, his goal was to check the vehicular traffic in search of Ukrainian patriots or even the residents of other regions", the police say.

The operation is being conducted after at least several dozens of people organized a protest in the city, trying to block movement of Ukrainian military. Donetsk regional police chief claimed after the incident that the action had been incited by a group of supporters of the Russian-backed separatists.

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The police also report, illegal weapons was confiscated in the raid including a grenade and other explosives. 

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