: Ukrainian soldiers defend positions just several hundred metres from separatists
News18:38 Jul. 29, 2016

Ukrainian soldiers defend positions just several hundred metres from separatists

Servicemen speak about militants' provocations in eastern Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers confront Russia-backed forces almost face-to-face. At some places, just several hundred meters divide their positions. The most tense situation is at the sector near Avdiyivka and on the stretch between Zaytseve and Mayorsk.

These soldiers live and hold the line in a so-called 'lair'. Their forward position is just several hundred metres from separatist militants. The basement, covered with mildew inside, is hidden in bushes.

"We are a bit concealed here, but there are drones. They can see everything."

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It is relatively calm here for the last few days. The soldiers say the militants are busy shooting at each other. This is a usual tactics for them. The shellings are aimed for local residents to believe they are attacked by Ukrainian army.

"Social media in Horlivka immediately write that Ukrainians are completely out of their mind. We are all in basements here."

In Zaytseve, near occupied Horlivka, Russia-backed militants hide in basements too. Ukrainian military say separatists only control two streets by now.

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Kvartsyt, commander of 43 separate battalion: "This our forward position. 150 meters more and there are separatist pits."

Close combat is rather often here. But Ukrainian servicemen say – enemy has completely lost the hope to get Zaytseve back.

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