: Ukrainians march in Kyiv to protest against increase in utility tariffs (photos, video)

14:30 Jul. 6, 2016

Ukrainians march in Kyiv to protest against increase in utility tariffs (photos, video)


The rally is peaceful so far

A few thousand people from all over Ukraine rally in Kyiv's centre and take part in the nationwide march protesting against a new utility tariff hike, 112 channel reports.

Protesters are divided into two columns moving towards Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers, where they will put forward their demands. Rally participants include workforce and trade union representatives.

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They demand the government urgently reform remuneration for labour and raise a minimum wage salary. They also protest against an increase in gas prices and tariffs.

The rally is peaceful, no clashes are reported so far.

"They are demand higher wages, they say the wages must be European, like current prices in the country. They demand the wage level be economically justified and not less the fixed minimum, which is UAH 3,067 (nearly USD 124). Activists say that 30-40% of their salaries (even the family budget) are spent on tariffs, they just do not know what to do. They are going to rally in front of the Cabinet of Ministers", the 112 correspondent says.

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The main slogan of the rally is "European prices should stem from European salaries."

Law enforcement officers, including more than 100 National Guard policemen, and first aid workers are accompanying protesters. Roads nearby are blocked.

Ukraine saw twofold increase in hot water and central heating tariffs from July 1. The increase in tariffs is related to a change in gas price from May 1.

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