Earthquake around Ukraine: Wakeup call from an earthquake
News18:18 Sep. 26, 2016

Wakeup call from an earthquake

Centred in Romania, a quake hit central and western Ukraine on September 24

The earthquake, which started in Romania, reached as far as Ukraine. Almost all regions of Ukraine felt the shock wave. A magnitude 5.6 earthquake hit eastern Romania on Saturday, September 24.

Ukrainians quickly reacted to the quake in social networks. Waking some people up from their sleep, others saw their chandeliers shaking back and forth.

Odesa, a city in southern Ukraine, experienced a magnitude 5 earthquake. Ilya, who lives on the 9th floor, said he thought his building was shaking too much. It's the first earthquake he has experienced in his life, later he felt ill with dizzy spells.

"I felt it really badly, I was in the kitchen when the fridge started shaking. Then all the plates and cups started as well".

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Normally it's difficult to impress Odesa residents with quakes. They say in their region they can have one-two quakes per year . However, this year's was really powerful, so much so, people started to get scared.

Some families left homes till the quakes subsided. In Chernivtsi, for example, Roksolana Rotar cannot get over the shock she experienced. She and her husband were about to fall to sleep, when they felt two tremors. They left everything, took their child and went out onto the street only returning to their flat the following morning.

Experts say the most prone to a magnitude 7 quake are Odesa, Chernivtsi and Zakarpatya regions of Ukraine.

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