: Washington Times: Ukraine's PM vows to tackle corruption to boost economy and international investment

09:41 Jun. 17, 2016

Washington Times: Ukraine's PM vows to tackle corruption to boost economy and international investment

Ukraine's PM Volodymyr Groysman takes part in the conference titled "Providing Ukraine with an Annual Report Card" during his visit to Washington (UNIAN photo)

Groysman says he will focus on beefing up anti-corruption agencies, privatizing some state enterprises and reforming the courts

Ukraine's prime minister said his 60-day-old government wants to make a quick start in tackling deep-seated corruption in order to boost the economy and attract international investment.

"Reforms provide us with an opportunity to change our country and reach its maximum potential," Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said at a National Press Club briefing Thursday at the end of a packed Washington visit. "Due to corruption, there are no opportunities for transformation and no future for our country. No one will invest in a country with an environment of corruption."

Mr. Groysman spoke hours after NATO announced a "comprehensive package of assistance" for Ukraine and one day after Vice President Joseph R. Biden said the Obama administration was offering USD 220 million in assistance this year to help the former Soviet republic enact reforms.

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Though this week marks Mr. Groysman's first visit to the United States as prime minister, it's not the first time the U.S. has heard these ideas. Mr. Groysman, a 38-year-old former mayor of the western Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia, is the latest in a long line of prime ministers who have failed to turn around the government in Kyiv.

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