: WSJ: Where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on foreign policy issues

13:06 Jul. 29, 2016

WSJ: Where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on foreign policy issues

Where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on foreign policy issues

Trump has floated the idea of creating a new alliance with Russia, while Clinton has called Putin a "bully"

The next U.S. president will confront a deeply unsettled world, from a Middle East in turmoil to a Europe struggling to contain an outbreak of terror attacks. Russia is expanding its influence and challenging its neighbors. China is flexing its powers both militarily and on the trade front. With many Americans weary from more than a decade of war, a miscalculation on any of these pressure points could have combustible consequences. Here's a look at where the two candidates stand on foreign policy.

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Under President Vladimir Putin, Russia has sought to expand its power and international clout in recent years, often in ways that have heightened tensions with the U.S. Russian hackers have penetrated networks all over the world, including the highest levels of the U.S. government. Russia has also threatened numerous neighbors in recent years, backing separatists in eastern Ukraine and annexing Crimea in 2014.

DONALD TRUMP: "I believe an easing of tensions, and improved relations with Russia—from a position of strength only—is possible, absolutely possible. Some say the Russians won't be reasonable. I intend to find out."

HILLARY CLINTON: "Well, my relationship with [Putin], it's—it's interesting. It's one, I think, of respect. We've had some very tough dealings with one another. And I know that he's someone that you have to continually stand up to because, like many bullies, he is somebody who will take as much as he possibly can unless you do."

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