PACE turbulence: By asking to reject Russian elections in Crimea we help world - Ukraine's PACE delegation chairman
Opinion16:43 Sep. 24, 2016

By asking to reject Russian elections in Crimea we help world - Ukraine's PACE delegation chairman

Ukraine's MP and country's PACE delegation chairman Volodymyr Ariev on Parliamentary elections in Crimea, Russia's possible return to PACE 

A PACE Migration Committee has called the events in eastern Ukraine a war, rather than a conflict, which was used to describe the situation for the last two years. A symbolic victory, according to Volodymyr Ariev, is still an important victory in Ukraine's struggle against Russian constant attempts to avoid responsibility.

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However, the turbulence in PACE continues as Ukraine passionately protests against Russia's rumored return to the organization. Mr. Ariev had earlier gone as far as to declare an ultimatum, saying Ukraine will leave PACE should that happen.

In his interview with UT he explains the reasons for such a radical position. 

‘The mood in PACE is 50/50. We understand that somebody provides the policy returning Russia with the principle of the eyes wide shut. We couldn't agree and try to form the coalition which stands not on the principles of the caviar diplomacy, but on the principles of the Assembly', he says. 

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Touching upon the subject of the recent Russian Parliamentary elections in general and in occupied Crimea in particular, Mr. Ariev says that recognizing the elections creates ‘a very dangerous precedent' and paves way for a new wave of confrontation around the territorial disputes in the world.

‘If it (elections – UT) was forgiven, it means that the Indian and Pakistan situation could heat up, Nagorno-Karabakh, Northern Cyprus,  could go from the cold stage to hot. It's our help to the international community, which stands on its principles', Ariev says.

Watch the full interview on Ukraine Today

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