: Creative Europe Project: Is Ukraine worthy of chance to show its cultural identity?
Opinion15:57 Jul. 12, 2016

Creative Europe Project: Is Ukraine worthy of chance to show its cultural identity?

By entering Creative Europe program Ukrainian artists have a chance to open themselves to the world. But only if they prove they are better than others

In 2016 Ukraine entered the Creative Europe project, an EU initiative for supporting cultural innovations and cooperation in the region.

The program, which already features 39 countries-participants, aims at helping cultural organizations financially, if they can prove they are worthy of support by matching specific conditions.

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And today the head of Creative Europe desk in Ukraine Iryna Vikyrchak sits down with UT to talk about the benefits of this program.

"To get the grants we have to compete with other projects and with other countries under the same conditions. I say compete, but it's really cooperation, and the goal of Creative Europe is to foster this transnational cooperation, cross-border mobility of artistic works", Vikyrchak tells in the interview.  

The Ukrainian desk of Creative Europe has been created to inform the cultural organizations of the opportunities they will get by taking part in the project.

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"Applying for Creative Europe is not just about filling in the applications, it's about the growth of organizations, having a strategy, developing international networks, creating quality projects and developing them with European partners", Vikyrchak says. 

This project is a chance for Ukrainian artists to fulfill their goals. Watch the full version of the interview to learn more.

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