Peninsula of Fear: Crimean Ukrainian: "I will be the next saboteur"

13:18 Nov. 21, 2016

Crimean Ukrainian: "I will be the next saboteur"

Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers and members of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's sabotage group, detained on suspicion of planning attacks on military sites in Crimea (TASS via Getty Images)

Retired Ukrainian serviceman Roman Chernenko shares his opinion on ‘saboteur' fever in Crimea

Former military personnel in Crimea are being moulded into ‘saboteurs' with such a velocity that I, probably, will be the next. As they say, all the necessary qualities are available.

Judge for yourself: I am a former Ukrainian officer who served in military intelligence, has been actively engaged in public and journalistic activities, and khokhol by nationality [a derogatory Russian term for Ukrainians]. I hate Putin and all his camarilla. My attitude to the annexation is obvious. Well, I am a ready-made saboteur!

And who cares that it was the electronic intelligence service, I fired a pistol only once in my life, and saw explosives, mines and grenades only on TV.

They will conduct a search and find what they need. In the "Russian Post" boxes, as usual. The only one trouble for the FSB is that I do not play airsoft.

And the fact that I retired to the reserve 12 years ago and the last 3 years of service I filled a chair in the city military commissariat, is just wonderful – this means I am a well-placed undercover agent.

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It is not beyond this bitchy regime to have this done.

Even though they had long ago lost the right to call themselves authorities. They are just a pack of dogs. Those who live by the rules of rogues, thieves and bandits.

P.S. Right after I published this, my Facebook friends and not so friends rushed to ask why I am saying all these things, about intelligence and so on. Alleging that I am courting disaster and attracting attention of secret services, etc.

I will answer all at once:

- I feel disgust, contempt and a range of other emotions towards this bitchy authorities, that are now in Crimea. But I certainly do not feel any fear.

- I am not going to run away from here with my tail between my legs;

- I wrote all this to express my attitude to what is happening.

The 'saboteur fever' seems to be far from ending in the Russian-occupied Crimean peninsula. On November 21, Simferopol district court ordered the arrest of two more people charged with intending to conduct subversive activity at infrastructure objects in the peninsula.


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