: "Donbas conflict could develop to impact Baltics and Poland" - Ukraine's ex-rep to NATO
Opinion16:28 May. 11, 2016

"Donbas conflict could develop to impact Baltics and Poland" - Ukraine's ex-rep to NATO

Ihor Kabanenko joins UT to talk NATO-Ukraine-Russia triangle

"We can see military preparations from Russia's side, concentration of forces in different areas. It is some kind of indications the Ukrainian conflict could develop and affect NATO members." This opinion belong to Ihor Kabanenko, a retired Ukrainian admiral and now the President of Ukrainian Advanced Research Project Agency. Kabanenko joins UT to talk about the dynamics of the relations between NATO and Ukraine.

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"The Baltics and Poland see (Russia's) maneuvers near their borders, some flybys of strategic aviation, this is military preparations, intentions to show power, possibility to attack", Kabanenko, who was Ukraine's military representative to NATO, shares his thoughts on Moscow's activity near the borders.

So what should Ukraine and the West do to stop the aggressive actions from Russia? Watch UT to learn more.

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