: Exploring Ukraine: Top five cities to visit

20:50 May. 25, 2016

Exploring Ukraine: Top five cities to visit

Lviv, Ukraine. (Photo by Education Images/UIG via Getty Images)

Belgium-based travel blogger Pavlo Fedykovych shares his thoughts on what are the best places to see in Ukraine

Ukraine is a big country. One of the biggest in Europe, in fact. And it has many interesting destinations, including cities with long history and fantastic sights. My previous article was about the ways to reach Ukraine easily and on a budget. You can read it HERE. This time I want to give you my TOP-5 of cities to visit in Ukraine.




1. Lviv


Known as the 'Heart of Ukraine' and 'Cradle of Ukrainian Culture', Lviv is a perfect destination in Ukraine. It is situated close to the border with E.U. and has good transport connection with the European cities. Also it can offer narrow cobbled streets of Old Town included in UNESCO World Heritage List, beautiful mix of Western and Eastern culture and architecture, amazing atmosphere and lots of festivals.

Top 5 sights

Rynok square

Lviv Opera House

The Chapel of the Boim Family

Bernardine Church

Stairs in the House of Scientist (Lystopadovogo Chynu, 6 street)



Rynok square

2. Kyiv


The vibrant and unique capital of Ukraine. City that is full of epic sceneries and hidden wonders. Having more than thousand years of history Kyiv has a lot to impress with ranging from imposing churches, narrow streets and cosy alleys to grandiose prospects, amazing views of Dnipro river and powerful rhythm of the heart of Ukraine.

Top-5 sights to visit:

Saint Sophia's Cathedral (UNESCO)

Kyiv Pechersk Lavra (UNESCO)

Red building of Kyiv National University

Art Nouveau "House with Chimaeras"

Saint Andrew's Church 


Red Building of Kyiv National University (1)


Saint Michael Monastery (2)

3. Odesa


Major Ukrainian port city, a sea resort and a cultural treasure, Odesa is definitely a city to put to your must-see list. Third biggest city in Ukraine, historical porto franco (free port), it is full of interesting experiences, cool beaches and amazing nightlife.

Top-5 sights to visit:

Odesa Opera and Ballet Theater

Primorsky Boulevard

Potemkin Stairs

Langeron Beach

Odesa Art Museum


Odesa port (3)


Odesa Opera Theatre (4)

4. Chernivtsi


Multicultural city in the Western Ukraine often labelled as "Little Vienna" and "Jerusalem upon the Prut" which is the main competitor of Lviv for the role of the heart of Western Ukraine. Visit it for Austro-Hungarian architecture and magnificent building of Chernivtsi University which is included in UNESCO World Heritage list.

Top-5 sights to visit:

Chernivtsi National University building (UNESCO)

Central square

Secession style buildings

Art museum of Chernivtsi

'Ship-like house' (Holovna St, 25)


Theatre Square (5)


Pedestrian street (6)

5. Uzhgorod


Former Synagogue turned to Philarmonic (7)

Small, picturesque city in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine. Stands on the border with Slovakia and thus easily accessible from Central Europe. Has everything a decent historic town should have: a castle in the city centre, variety of churches and charming narrow streets.

TOP-5 sights to visit:

Uzhgorod Castle

11th-century Rotunda in Horiany

Holy Cross Cathedral

Uzhgorod Synagogue turned to Philarmonic

Korzo Street


Old Town (8)


Holy Cross Cathedral (9)


The article originally appeared on SVITFORYOU.

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