: 'For IMF further support, we have to prove it's not just one or two reforms, but a way forward'
Opinion20:29 Mar. 31, 2016

'For IMF further support, we have to prove it's not just one or two reforms, but a way forward'

In an one-on-one interview with UT, Former U.S. Diplomat also offers her take on reforms Ukraine is trying to implement

Pushing For Reforms: Former U.S. Diplomat and foreign policy expert on Eastern Europe Paula Jon Dobriansky shares her opinion of the current crisis in the Ukrainian government.

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"I think the situation right now points to a very important need for resolution. And I think that it's important for Ukraine internally because I think the issue needs to be resolved in order for the Ukrainian government to move forward effectively and efficiently and on its modernisation but also secondly if it isn't resolved it also has an impact on Ukraine's perspective from the outside in other words its credibility will be impacted."

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"The question is 'what is the way forward for this year?' and part of the package and part of the committment was in order to get a further rescheduling and a further support from the IMF we have to have here a clear demonstratration that it's not just one or two reforms but literally a way forward."



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