: French Ambassador: Sanctions against Russia are a tool, not an aim
Opinion17:02 Jun. 20, 2016

French Ambassador: Sanctions against Russia are a tool, not an aim

Isabelle Dumont admits Kremlin countersanctions harm E.U. economies, stresses the need to implement Minsk accords

Earlier this month the French Senate passed a resolution urging the government to gradually reduce the economic sanctions against Russia. Ukraine Today was joined by Ambassador of France to Ukraine Isabelle Dumont to discuss the meaning of this resolution and the current state of Ukraine-France relations.

"If you actually look into the text carefully, the very beginning of the text recalls that France doesn't recognize annexation of Crimea, recalls that Russia used force in the Donbas region and in Crimea, those are extremely important points. It also says that sanctions should be little by little lifted depending on the capacity of the parties to implement the Minsk agreement."

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"[The resolution] at the same time also says that the Russian countersanctions are harming E.U. economies [...]. And that is why there is really a need to go further on the implementation of the Minsk agreements. But again protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine is extremely important for us."

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"Either for France, or Germany, or even Ukraine, the sanctions are not themselves an aim. They are a tool. We do not have an aim to sanctions Russia. Sanctions are a tool to make happen the Minsk agreements implementation."

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