: From soldier to MP: Colleague speaks about Savchenko's first week in parliament
Opinion16:43 Jun. 4, 2016

From soldier to MP: Colleague speaks about Savchenko's first week in parliament

Former Russian political prisoner now trying 'to do everything by herself'

Ukraine Today is joined by Ukrainian MP Olena Shkrum to discuss the first working week of Nadiya Savchenko who has recently been released from Russian prison.

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Olena Shkrum, Savchenko's colleague in the Batkivshchyna faction, was among those who were meeting her at the airport as the pilot had been brought home in a largely unexpected move.

On Tuesday Nadiya Savchenko finally made her first appearance in the Ukrainian parliament.

"She attended her first Committee [for National Defence] meeting. I think it was an interesting experience for her. This is the thing she knows very well, but she knows it from the side of being there in the field. And when you talk about corruption here in legal terms and specific legal clauses, [...] of course it's much harder."

"She feels that she has missed two years, and she actually feels really bad about it. She is trying to fight the system very hard right now." 

"I think she will change a little bit some of the questions that we are used to, which we are frustrated about. She will just push us to do it."

"Obviously we are very happy about it [Nadiya Savchenko's return]. It was quite hard to see her seat all the time, [see] that she is absent, and you know that she is in prison. Because [her seat] is right in front of me. And you feel very much responsible that she is not here with us. [...] So obviously we are very much relieved, although we have to fight for all the other people who are not MPs who are still there in Russia, and there are a lot of them."

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