Saving energy resources: Given market prices for electricity, energy efficient technologies could flourish
Opinion17:05 Dec. 20, 2016

Given market prices for electricity, energy efficient technologies could flourish

UT recorded an exclusive interview with the co-founder of Ecoisme energy saving startup which will launch a pilot project in Dubai

Ukraine's IT sector has demonstrated a significant growth in the past few years, with an annual 20% rise in people involved in this area. According to "Startup ranking", export of IT services from Ukraine in 2015 totaled more than USD 2 billion. But at the same time, a major problem is that 5% of Ukrainian IT specialist leave the country each year.

This issue as well as other topics were discussed with Oleksandr Diatlov in an exclusive interview. He is one of the founders of Ecoisme, an energy saving startup which signed a deal with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority on starting a pilot project for reducing electricity consumption in the city. Ecoisme was among 19 projects chosen in the result of Dubai Future Accelerator Program to implement their idea in practice.

"Dubai is one of the fast-growing cities in the world and they predict that by 2030 the city population will double. That's why Dubai Electricity and Water Authority will have to spend a lot of money on infrastructure. And with Ecoisme we'll help them to optimize the existing infrastructure. On the other hand, they want to reduce energy usage by 30% before 2030. And we will help them with that too. Ecoisme can save up to 15% of electricity monthly", Oleksandr Diatlov explains.

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He continues that Ecoisme's activity won't be limited with only UAE. The team also looks at other markets as a field of their potential operation - the EU and the Middle East among those.

"Middle East is one of the markets we are interested in. But also a very interesting market is western Europe, the US and now we've started discovering the Middle East which is a blue ocean market for energy saving products", Oleksandr Diatlov said.

Learn more about the Ecoisme startup here

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