Putin's war: Hybrid peace to bring more losses than hybrid war – Ukrainian MP

11:57 Oct. 12, 2016

Hybrid peace to bring more losses than hybrid war – Ukrainian MP

Russian militants on the wreckage of MH17 (Photo by Christopher Miller / Twitter)

Hybrid peace will bring more losses than hybrid war with East Ukraine in its third year, Hanna Hopko says

The Head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Hanna Hopko analysed the possibility of a compromise with Putin in her article 'Is mutual agreement with Evil possible?' on 'Novoye Vremya'. 

"The meeting of Normandy Four is possible only if there is detailed roadmap on security and furthermore – only if Putin agrees to follow it. No demands for Ukraine to hold elections on the occupied territories. Kremlin should be totally isolated as long as shooting in Donbass continues.

"If someone strikes you on the cheek, turn and offer him the other. That is what Christian values teach us" – that is how some European high-ranking official called upon Ukraine to adopt decentralization changes to the Constitution in order to fulfill Minsk Agreements. They all understand it is Russia who attacked Ukraine, but still they demand us to "show the ability to solve the conflict."

The most cynical part is the organization this official works for – fights for the democracy and supremacy of law.

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I openly called these statements a pressure. Hybrid peace will bring more losses than hybrid war going on in the East of Ukraine for the third year in a row. After 10 000 deaths turning the other cheek would mean letting millions be killed. And not only in Ukraine. Putin will not stop with his ambitions to rebuild Soviet Union or some kind of Eurasian empire. 

It is time for the world to wake up. The Western states continue to press Ukraine while in two full years of aggression it just was not able to make Putin at least stop firing. 

The policy of reconciliation with the aggressor together with the late world's reaction to the criminal annexation of Crimea led to tragedies, as now Putin thinks he is permitted to do as he pleases. Bombardments of Syrian civilians, suspension of the U.S.-Russian Plutonium Management and Disposition Agreement – all these prove the Russian inability to keep its word. 

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Feeble and prone to compromises reactions of the western states are alarming. There is no Plan B. 

Neither USA, nor France or Germany haven't announced switching Russia off from the SWIFT system; they hadn't considered the embargo of Russian petroleum products even after the Joint Investigative Team published intermediate results of investigation on MH17 tragedy (proving that Russia was involved), they didn't even act after countless deaths of civilians and innocent children in Aleppo. Western states just continue with their business as usual attitude, justifying themselves by saying "Russia is too big to ignore it". 

Continental Europe talks a lot about values, but do nothing to protect them. The dialogue between Europeans and the aggressor state has nothing in common with Christian values. It is all just business. The kind of business, which leaves Ukrainians with only small coins. Only a blind man would not see that Europeans are already getting Russian slaps too. Nevertheless, Europeans just got too accustomed to turning the other cheek, while competing with each other in their hybrid diplomacy. All that instead of halting the slapping hand and never letting it slap again. That would be the evidence of awakening. 

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It is time to realize: Ukraine is not some buffer zone. We are the strategic partner without who it would be impossible to rebuild the world's architecture. However, EU sends its peacemaker and police forces far beyond Europe, to defend non-European borders. There will be new conflicts in the other places on the planet – it's not too hard to predict where. OSCE needs reforming right now; there is a strong need to find the way to keep the aggressor state away from making decisions within this organization. UN Security Council needs to be reinforced by new members like Germany and Japan. Russia should be deprived of veto right. PACE should not be discredited anymore by having as its heart a state, which disrespects the organizations' activities." 

Source: NV.ua

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