: 'I was quite shocked with Brexit result, nobody of my friends supported it' - Katja Khaniukova
Opinion11:33 Jul. 8, 2016

'I was quite shocked with Brexit result, nobody of my friends supported it' - Katja Khaniukova

Ukrainian ballerina, who moved to London, on how her life changed after meeting Tamara Rojo, English National Ballet artistic director

Kateryna Khaniukova, Ukrainian ballet dancer and junior soloist at the English National Ballet, joined Ukraine Today to talk about her professional life in the UK, where she moved to in March, 2014, right after the tragic events of the Maidan revolution.

She was an active supporter of the Revolution of Dignity from its very beginning. When in London, she showed pictures and videos taken during Maidan to her colleagues in the company. She was the only person there, who had witnessed those events herself. Since then, she's become a so-called enlightener about Ukraine for her British colleagues and friends.

"I really think that Ukrainians who are living in different countries have more responsibility than Ukrainians that stay in Ukraine. Because this is the face of Ukraine all around the world", Khaniukova said.

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Tamara Rojo, artistic director of the English National Ballet, opened a new page in Katja's career in 2014. She spotted the Ukrainian girl in London when Katja was exercising. Ten minutes was enough for Tamara to see the ballerina's talent and offer her work in the company.

"She is a perfect example of a female leader. I'm trying to learn a lot from her. I really appreciate that she trusted me", Khaniukova said about her artistic director.

In 2015, Kateryna Khaniukova became one of the finalists of Emerging Dancer competition, which is designed to recognise and nurture talent within the English National Ballet.

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