: King of skies "Mriya" as future of Ukraine's aircraft industry
Opinion16:44 May. 18, 2016

King of skies "Mriya" as future of Ukraine's aircraft industry

Ukrainian aviation law expert Andriy Guck joins UT to talk about biggest plane in world

Ukrainian cargo jet Mriya (Dream), created by Antonov aircraft manufacturing company, made its first commercial flight to Australia. The plane carried cargo which couldn't be delivered any other way. Two dozen thousand citizens gathered at the airport to witness the landing of the biggest plane in the world.

"Antonov is facing perspective of a few contracts in Saudi Arabia, India and Turkey. What Antonov has the most known in the world, is Mriya. And the company uses it to promote itself and new projects", says Ukrainian aviation law expert Andriy Guck.

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Guck adds, this plane shows what Ukraine is capable of as an aircraft manufacture. The country could potentially even replace Russia on the market.

So what's so special about Antonov's Mriya, besides its size? Watch Ukraine Today to learn more.

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