: Lviv IT Arena: Chance for West to discover Ukraine's tech potential
Opinion12:48 Aug. 5, 2016

Lviv IT Arena: Chance for West to discover Ukraine's tech potential

Major IT companies expected to attend one of the biggest tech conferences in Eastern Europe

One of the biggest tech conferences in Eastern Europe, Lviv IT Arena is set to take place in Lviv this September. Microsoft, Uber, Spotify and many others will be present at the event, exploring and expanding Ukraine's potential as one the most prominent IT countries in the world.

And today one of the organizers and a CEO at the Lviv IT Cluster company, Stepan Veselovskyi, sits down with Ukraine Today to talk about the conference. Stepan, who is a tech expert himself, says Ukraine is known for its IT industry, but it has become overshadowed by the war and political crisis. So the goal of the project is to remind everyone of Ukraine's technical might.

"We have a huge amount of talented human capital, we also have very competitive business conditions in Ukraine, if we are talking about the IT industry. We should promote Ukraine as the best place for doing tech business in eastern Europe", Veselovskyi tells UT.


The IT Arena is taking place among many Ukrainian IT companies' struggle to stay afloat as local police and tax service have repeatedly raided their offices and confiscated their property. Veselkovskyi, in turn, says, his company is not focused on the negative factors, but rather on development and creative new projects. Among them are IT houses for the tech savvy, or the Internet of Things Baccalaureate class in a Lviv college.

"We started last year with IT house project, but it's only the beginning, and we want to create our own infrastructure, offices, we want to create new educational standards", Veselovskyi shares his goals for the future.

Watch the full interview on Ukraine Today to learn more about Ukraine's IT potential.

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