: Make Music, Not War: Donetsk rock band Sinoptik wins international contest
Opinion18:42 Jun. 1, 2016

Make Music, Not War: Donetsk rock band Sinoptik wins international contest

Group's lead vocalist Dima Sinoptik joins UT to talk about the band and its connections to Donetsk

Ukrainian rock band Sinoptik, which sings in English, won international music competition The Global Battle Of The Bands.

And today the band's lead vocalist Dmytro Afanasiev-Gladkykh, who goes by the name of Dima Sinoptik, joined the UT to talk about the group and the competition.

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The team was formed in Donetsk back in 2012 and had to move leave the city when the war began.

"One day a bomb fell and crushed everything in our studio, and we moved to Kyiv", Dima Sinoptik tells in an interview with Ukraine Today.

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Dima says, he wants to show Ukraine to the world through the band's music. He also hopes to hold a concert in Donetsk one day. After the city returns to normal and peaceful live.

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"I hope it will happen in five minutes. Okay, maybe tomorrow. I don't know, I just hope my music can help stop this one war in Ukraine, maybe the vibes of the band will", Dima jokingly answers about his future goals.

Want to know more about the Donetsk band with difficult past? Watch the full interview on Ukraine Today.

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