Fighting corruption in Ukraine: ProZorro on Guard: Fighting corruption and improving transparency
Opinion13:05 Aug. 17, 2016

ProZorro on Guard: Fighting corruption and improving transparency

Deputy Economy Minister says Ukraine has already saved millions with new e-procurement system

Starting from 1 August all public procurement in Ukraine is done through an electronic system. The web-site called ‘ProZorro', which means transparent, not only gets rid of paper documentation but also allows tracking any and all bids, purchases and tenders. UT correspondent Volodymyr Solohub discusses the system with its mastermind - Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Maksym Nefyodov.

"A lot of agencies, a lot of municipalities and state-owned enterprises still don't want to get rid of old habits, which were quite tasty and probably quite rewarding for them, and obviously they try to sabotage the system or they try to avoid using it or they try to invent some kind of new tricks. But again not that this is not something new or unexpected for us.

‘Prozorro' is exactly the right weapon, the right tool for us to fight these wrongdoings. It's not that there are suddenly more wrongdoings – it's just that they became more visible."

"Our philosophy is that everyone sees everything. So there is not a single bit of information in the system that is not accessible to the public, to journalists, to NGOs, to anticorruption activists, members of parliament – whoever wants to do it. So we find something ourselves through our own risk management system. A lot of cases are brought to our attention by activists, by people on Facebook, by politicians, by journalists and so on."

"Very often these cases are in the shades of grey, therefore, it's very important to see the statistics."

"We see a lot of problems in municipalities with public procurement simply because the professional level of procurement officers is very low."

"We also see that there are certain regions and certain bodies that are very resistant to change and don't want to change the old habits. And these can be both – big cities, as well as small towns. In many cases, this is just an honest bureaucratic opposition to change."

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"I would say that Ministry of Defence is one of the most active users of the electronic procurement system and they are those, who benefit the most from it. Of course, they have a lot of problems in their procurement and they probably need years to clean everything up."

"The Ministry of Defence is climbing out of the really deep hole and I would say they are somewhere in the middle of this process right now."

"Right now we are just a little bit shy of UAH 3 billion and we are quite on track to our target – we plan to grow 10 times year over year. We aim for UAH 5 billion by the year end and up to UAH 50 billion next year."

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