Refreshing state company: Mission Possible: From an abandoned center, to a center of attraction
Opinion13:55 Aug. 25, 2016

Mission Possible: From an abandoned center, to a center of attraction

The director of the National Expocenter of Ukraine shares his vision of the company reforming

UT interviewed Maksym Bakhmatov, General Director of the National Expocenter of Ukraine (VDNH), about how the company has already been changed and what transformations are still ahead.

Maksym Bakhmatov had been an acting general director of the Expocenter since June, 2015. On April 22, 2016, he was officially appointed as a General Director of the National Expocenter of Ukraine. His current aim is to turn the enterprise into a center of innovations and culture. What's even more important is that he managed to make the company profitable within a short period of time and cut the company's debts from UAH 20 million (USD 800 thousand) to UAH 17 million (USD 680 thousand).

The Expocenter's strategic plan for the next 20 years will be presented in late September, the general director says.

"We decided that it should remain as a Place Of Excellence but the presentation needs to be changed. We are nearing the end of the planning stage about the conceptual development of this territory for next 20-30 years, and it will be presented at the end of September when we will release the details of what will be on this territory for the coming years. Briefly, it will be a new cultural and innovation center of Ukraine", Bakhmatov said.

The director and his team are open to any ideas, which could actively reform the institution towards the above mentioned aim.

"So if you have a dream of opening for example, a museum for technical art or a technical museum yes, you can come and we will help you open it officially and earn money together with the government. It'll be a private government partnership. You can come directly to our office", Bakhmatov explained.

Maksym Bakhmatov is inspired by the goal to make the company successful, despite the lack of time, money, and people.

"I want to do something for my country, and I want to show other countries and citizens of Ukraine, that you can achieve  big results with a little money, time, and people. Of course, only if you want it. If you want it - you can do it", the director added.

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