: NATO-Ukraine cooperation to be boosted with joint center to counteract hybrid warfare
Opinion18:53 Jun. 30, 2016

NATO-Ukraine cooperation to be boosted with joint center to counteract hybrid warfare

Ukraine's Deputy Defence Minister on what Ukraine should expect from July's NATO summit  

Joining UT is Ihor Dolhov, Ukraine's Deputy Defence Minister for European Integration and former head of the Ukrainian mission to NATO.

Mr Dolhov speaks about the platform on countering hybrid war, which will be launched jointly by NATO and Ukraine in Kyiv this year. It will operate on a regular basis, with experts and expertise from both sides.

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The Deputy Minister is sure that the upcoming Warsaw summit of NATO will elaborate a complex package of assistance for the Ukrainian party. In particular, the North Atlantic Alliance will continue providing aid in reforming defence sector of Ukraine.

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However, the issue of lethal weapons is still the matter of bilateral negotiations of Ukraine with each of NATO member states and cannot be resolved in the nearest future.

Ihor Dolhov also shares details on Strategic Bulletin of Ukraine, as of June 2016. He explains that the first stage of the document's implementation is scheduled by 2020. An essential condition for the reform is a proper financial ground, which is set to start from around UAH 80 billion per year.


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