: Outgoing Minister of Infrastructure on challenges ahead for his ministry
Opinion13:01 Apr. 29, 2016

Outgoing Minister of Infrastructure on challenges ahead for his ministry

Fmr. Minister of Infrastructure on new CEO of Ukrainian railways and Open Skies for Ukraine 

Andriy Pyvovarsky, the former Minister of Infrastructure and the current Advisor to the Minister of Infrastructure joins Ukraine Today to discuss the situation in Ukraine's transportation industry.

"The new CEO of Ukrainian railways may be successful in finding efficiency inside the existing system. In order to move forward and to take everything on the next level, we need to adopt two very important laws: the new law on the railway system and the new law on the creation of the independent agency for transport. Without these two laws, Mr. Balczun [newly-appointed CEO of the Ukrainian railways] will be successful only to a certain degree."

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"Without a new law in the railway system, Ukrainian railways will still be a closed monopoly in certain areas that can be competitive. The locomotive market can be competitive, the locomotive repair and wagon repair market can be competitive without undermining the competitive edge of the Ukrainian railways. The laws were not prepared by me. They were prepared by the best top experts in the world."


"Not only Ukraine suffers from not having the Open Skies Agreement. The situation between Spain and the UK, because of Gibraltar, created certain issues inside the E.U. that prevent the E.U. market from opening more and more. It is a political debate exclusively of the E.U. nature. In this situation, we can only provide constructive pressure. That is what I have been doing and that is what Volodymyr Omelyan [new Minister of Infrustructure] will continue doing. At the same time, the Ministry will continue liberalizing sky bilaterally with different European countries."

"We started this process last year but the E.U. Commission asked us not to push too much with the bilateral negotiations, because the agreement was expected to come any time soon. We made an announcement, we sent letters to the bilateral partners across Europe. We slowly but surely started talking to some of the European countries. Several countries have agreed to liberalize completely and to remove all barriers. At the same time the E.U. Commission asked us not to rush too much, because the signing was about to come."


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