: Party of Chavez, party of Putin… How the pro-Russian lobby emerged in the West
Vitaly Portnikov Vitaly Portnikov Ukrainian journalist

13:55 Jun. 7, 2016

Party of Chavez, party of Putin… How the pro-Russian lobby emerged in the West

Vitaly Portnikov, Ukrainian journalist

Vitaly Portnikov's opinion article

Just a day before the extraordinary elections in Spain, local citizens found out really sensational information about one of the most perspective political powers in the country – left-wing Podemos. It turns out, the party, which consistently propagandized the ideas of general equality by promising to nationalize banks and save the locals rid from the nightmares of the market economy, this party was created not by the Spanish, but, just imagine, the Venezuelans!

Spanish newspaper ABC obtained a document, validated by the now deceased Venezuelan President-opportunist Hugo Chavez. The document recommended to provide more than EURO 7 billion to Spanish Centre for socio political researches, which served as a foundation for the Pomedos party.

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And the money was provided not for any academic affairs, but to help create "political powers and social movements in Spain, capable of accomplishing revolutionary transformations, similar to the ones in Venezuela".
One could call this task ravings of a madman – but just in a few years Podemos has grown to be one of the most powerful political parties in the country. It has started to lay claims to forming the new Spanish government. At the same time the party members didn't expose their connections with the Chavez's regime, so one could think that the only thing the party and the Venezuelan populists have in common is ideology – and not the money, which helped create the Podemos party and exist.

German media Deutsche Welle, that published a detailed material about the investigation of the connections between the regimes of Chavez and Maduro and the Spanish left-wingers, focuses on just one episode. But Western media published quite a few materials in the recent years, showing a much bigger picture of the anti-west populistic regimes' influences on the civilised world. In fact, we are witnessing the recreation of the Soviet schemes, when the Communists spent millions of dollars to support "the communistic, labour and national liberation movements in the world", when the KGB and the GRU (government intelligence service) trained terrorists at their bases, when they created political parties and public organisations to destabilise situation in the "enemy camps". At the same time, Moscow's satellites had their own tasks for destabilisation. Fidel Castro's criminal regime, for example, sent "soldiers-internationalists" to the countries of Africa and Latin America – how is that different from Venezula's role?

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The pro-Russian lobby in the West was created not without a reason. Just recently, an interview of Yanis Varufakis, a sleek swindler and the former Greek Finance Minister from the first government of the radical party Syriza, made it clear, that the plan of Greece's exit from the Eurozone was developed by the Russian Institute for Strategic Researches. This official organisation, established by the Russian President, is a Special Services' branch, and is full of spies and provocateurs. And with these very people, aimed at destabilizing the E.U., the former Greek authorities discussed their country's perspectives. They almost agreed for Greece to leave the Eurozone, but suddenly Moscow told them something very familiar – we have no money, but you stay well, good mood and health to you.

Greeks were really lucky that at the moment, when the fate of their country had to be determined, Russia started to dive into a political crisis, which I hope, sooner or later will rid us of Putin's regime and his plans to destabilise the civilised world. And what happened in Greece is now taking place in Venezuela. And the Spanish are lucky they found out about Chavez's involvement in the creation of Podemos, and they did it during the almost certain collapse of Venezuela's economy and national identity – the "country of the Bolivarian revolution" has started experiencing food riots and clashes between locals and police, so the complete termination of the regime of these XXI century idiots is soon to follow.

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 But the luck can't stay forever. To exclude the danger of destabilisation and failure the West must realise that the left and right radicals support Putin or Maduro for a good reason, and this reason is money. I'm talking about political corruption, which is not that hard to expose, - persons, who claim that Russia is right in its aggression against the neighbouring states, that the cooperation with Moscow is beneficial, these persons are parts of this corrupt pyramid. And if the relevant special services put some efforts – they will get the necessary documents about the political parties, and certain politicians and public servants, and businessmen, prepared to rob Russia or Venezuela along with Putin and Maduro – if only they were paid. 

It's good that Spain has managed to do it. 

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