: 'People start to forget their primary ability to speak, it is neglected now' - Anton Boganskyi
Opinion11:57 Jul. 9, 2016

'People start to forget their primary ability to speak, it is neglected now' - Anton Boganskyi

Award-winning Roopor app co-founder on how his audio steaming project will benefit people worldwide

Anton Boganskyi, co-founder of Roopor live audio broadcast application, has told Ukraine Today about the international competition Publicis90, and how the Ukrainian team's project had gained the lead winning EUR 100,000 worth of investment.

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6,000 teams from all over the world have participated in the contest; however, Ukraine's Roopor startup managed to become one of 90 winners. It was the only Publicis90 gold-holder from Eastern Europe, while other teams were mainly from the US and the EU.

"The higher ranks were got by competitors, whose projects were connected to social themes important in the 21st century", Anton Boganskyi has said.

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The application allows users to stream their own live audio with one tap. It combines functions of a traditional podcast with those of a video streaming service. This is why Roopor will be mostly demanded by people who want to be heard, and by those who value their time using the most convenient way of information perception - audio format.

"We focus on a very broad audience. It will be interesting for people, who want to share their opinion, for instance, bloggers, reporters, media persons", Roopor co-founder explained.

Anton Boganskyi is sure that IT sector in Ukraine is experiencing the rise, because "Ukraine has a great background in technical specialities." This allows to generate ideas, which turn into sucessful stories not only in Ukraine but also around the globe.

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