: Protecting Nature and Catching Pokemons: How drones change life in Ukraine (Part 1)
Opinion11:18 Aug. 8, 2016

Protecting Nature and Catching Pokemons: How drones change life in Ukraine (Part 1)

Today UT sits down with Valerii Iakovenko to talk about Drone.UA company and how it helps fight corruption in Ukraine

Drones have become a part of our everyday life. They can do casual tasks like delivery missions or filming video of a party.

They can also fight corruption and save lives. For example, the unmanned aerial vehicles are used in the conflict zone in Eastern Ukraine to expose the weapons, that were supposed to be withdrawn from the contact line. OSCE observers are using them to monitor and control the ceasefire violations in the volatile region.

Our guest today is a co-founder of a company, that provides drone-based services for the civil sectors, such as agricultural sphere or cartography.

For Valerii Iakovenko drones were just a hobby. Later a project Drone.UA, founded by Iakovenko and Fevzi Ametov back in 2013, turned into a profitable company. So profitable, that Iakovenko predicts 400 percent growth till the end of the year. The drones are largely used in many spheres. For example, they monitor illegal forests felling in Ukraine and recently uncovered a 200,000-dollar damage the illegal poachers did to Ukrainian nature.

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"We built system, which uses several layers of information, for example, satellite imagery, drones and land validation as well. Using all the complex of information we can automatically understand where the illegal cutting is happening. We combine it with our systems of alert. So when somewhere illegal cutting begins, an alerting notification arrives within the 24 hour period", Iakovenko tells UT

Agricultural sphere is where Drone.UA founders' interests lie. Their drones provide monitoring services to hundreds of clients, observing more than two million hectares of fields in general. However, the company also has something more unconventional to offer, such as catching Pokemons.

"That is cheating, it's true. But it was a nice for us to promote our technologies to the huge amounts of people. By using Pokemons we help them understand what drones are", Iakovenko explains

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Drone project, which will come up in the nearest future.

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