Emotional intelligence: Psychology Of Success: Why even war shouldn't stop you
Opinion15:38 Sep. 21, 2016

Psychology Of Success: Why even war shouldn't stop you

A Polish and international business consultant, Mateusz Grzesiak sits down with UT to talk about emotional mindfulness

Mateusz Grzesiak, who calls himself a Polish and international scientist and business consultant, has come to Ukraine to take part in the World Communications Forum Davos Kyiv 2016.

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While addressing the public, the expert with more than 15 years experience, delivered an inspirational speech on how not to give in to one's weaknesses and stop blaming the circumstances for one's failures and downfalls.

‘People often say, I'm a victim, this is my fate, this is my destiny, if you are a Buddhist, you could say ‘this is my karma', but the truth is, we are ower own creators of our fate. The truth is, it depends greatly on how we function. And of course confidence or financial intelligence are not taught in school. People may know how to make varenyky, but not how to learn English or open business. Interdisciplinary psychology helps them learn that, it's not a talent, or magic, it's a skill', Mr. Grzesiak said in an interview with UT.

Watch the full interview on Ukraine Today.

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