Putin's Russia: Putin's regime now has all signs of fascism – expert
Oleh Belokolos Oleh Belokolos Ukrainian Foreign Policy Expert

15:39 Sep. 28, 2016

Putin's regime now has all signs of fascism – expert

'Putin is better than Hitler' placard in Novosibirsk rally, Oct. 2007 (TVS photo)

Ukrainian political expert Oleh Belokolos on latest changes of Russia's ruling regime

According to the famous historian Norman Davies, fascism, like communism, can be defined by the following features:

  • A pseudo-scientific conceptual basis
  • A utopian goal
  • A structure of a party-state
  • An autocratic leadership that demands complete devotion
  • Pervasive use of terror to prevent and eradicate dissent
  • Extensive and complex bureaucracy
  • State propaganda and censorship
  • Martial culture and aesthetics of force
  • Purposely induced fear of the ever-present external enemy
  • Mentality of hate and intolerance
  • Economic and mental collectivism
  • Militarism
  • Messianism
  • Contempt for liberal democracy and values
  • Moral nihilism

Clearly, in one form or another, all of those are also characteristics of the Putin regime. Today, after the resent parliamentary elections in Russia, President Putin has the unquestionable control over Parliament, Government, courts, media and the most profitable sectors of the country's economy. To strengthen it further, he plans to reshuffle and consolidate the so-called "silovoy blok" – the repressive apparatus and intelligence service – by creating the new colossal iron-fist structure, the Ministry of the State Security.

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So, we have every reason to declare that modern Russia is in fact, an authoritarian state with the genuine fascist elements, most prominently – the oppressive nature, the militarization of society, strict control over the mass media and complete disregard to human life.        

However, what is most dangerous for the outside world is what makes the very core of any fascist or authoritarian regime – its aggressiveness, unpredictability and cynicism towards international law. The latter is especially dangerous when the dictator who considers himself infallible and has access to nuclear weapons. 

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