: "Right-wingers in Sweden, Netherlands, France will want to follow Brexit, but won't succeed"
Opinion17:10 Jun. 29, 2016

"Right-wingers in Sweden, Netherlands, France will want to follow Brexit, but won't succeed"

Ukraine's foreign policy expert Oleksandr Hara sits down with UT to talk Brexit and its impact

On June 23 the UK has voted to leave the EU after 43 years in the Union. This historic move, which has already tanked the British national currency, is seen as a major threat to the economy of both Europe and the United Kingdome.

Oleksandr Hara, the director of the department of the multilateral relations of NGO Maidan of foreign affairs, predicts "a lot of negative consequences" for the UK.

"First and foremost, the drop of the pound, second there will be something like 6% GDP drop within 4 years, unemployment will rise, and the most importantly, there will be uncertainty in the UK and the EU, which could cause some troubles for the British industry and, especially, for financial market", Mr. Hara shares his thoughts on the "life after Brexit".

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Some Russian officials are praising the referendum, describing it as a "victory for the British in their struggle against America". Mr. Hara is not surprised with their reaction. He says, Russians are so happy, because "in their view they cannot regain their geopolitical way without dismantling the EU".

"That's why Russians are supporting the left-wing people in Europe, so called "useful idiots", who fight against "the last empire in the world", the US, and thus see Russia as their ally. And the right-wingers, who want more sovereignty. We'll see a rise of the right-wing parties, who will want to follow Brexit, but I'm not sure they will be so successful", the expert tells.

So why won't the eurosceptics be successful in their goal to separate from the EU? And will Brexit have any impact on the Europe-Ukraine relations.

Watch the full version of the interview on Ukraine Today to get answers to these questions.


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