Expert opinion: Russia hasn't offered any solution to global issues
Alexander Khara Alexander Khara Ukrainian political expert

17:45 Dec. 26, 2016

Russia hasn't offered any solution to global issues

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a farewell ceremony for the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov at the Foreign Ministry headquarters in Moscow, Russia. Dec. 22, 2016 (AP Images)

Ukrainian political expert Alexander Khara on the consequences of Russian ambassador murder and Berlin terrorist act

Currently, Russia doesn't have a positive agenda which could be introduced to the world. The Kremlin creates more problems without solving any of them.

In the context of killing the Russian ambassador to Turkey, it might be a revenge of Muslim people towards Moscow because it is not behaving in a civilized way in the Middle East, the analyst Alexander Khara says.

"Such an act was welcomed by a lot of Muslim people as a revenge and the only possibility how to strike back at the Russians. Even in Ukraine, there were some voices in support of such an action because Ukraine is under the Russian aggression. But as a civilized country, we should rule out any such idea, we should condemn such a thing", Alexader Khara explains adding that in general, the incident won't be a reason for dramatic changes in the Turkish-Russian relations.

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Regarding the Berlin attack, the analyst supposes if the investigation results show ISIS really had something to do the crime, there will be common actions of the EU states in the Middle East and especially in Lybia and Syria as well as other hotspots.

"Europe is going to be more fragile and we'll possibly see some negative trends to be fulfilled within a couple of years. We see that far right forces go marching in some countries and they are against immigrants, foreigners, other regions except for their own. They think separation of the world, building walls would protect them from terrorism and economic misfortunes", Alexander Khara says.

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