Ukraine's Way to Economy 4.0: "Startups, IT sector, bio and nano-technology able to write new page in our economic system"
Pavlo Klimkin Pavlo Klimkin Ukraine's Foreign Minister

12:53 Dec. 7, 2016

"Startups, IT sector, bio and nano-technology able to write new page in our economic system"

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin talks with journalists as he leaves the European Commission headquarters in Brussels (AP photo)

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin on Ukraine's path to the so-called "Economy 4.0"

One of the themes of the upcoming World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2017 will be dedicated to issues related to the fourth technological revolution - the so-called "Economy 4.0", Ukraine's Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin writes in his blog.

The idea behind this concept is that through achieving the goals of the third revolution - that is, the informational revolution - mankind is moving, step-by-step, towards a single, united, cyber-physical space. And this space will finally overcome the dividing lines between the physical, digital, and biological systems that exist today.

While Ukraine is yet not the best example of entry into the new worldwide realities, Klimkin firmly believes that his country will find its competitive advantage.

"The Ukrainian IT sector, for example, is one of the most progressive in the world, which gives us hopes that it may certainly become one such competitive advantage." 

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According to "Startup Ranking," Ukraine currently ranks 33rd globally for the number of technology startups it hosts. The export of IT services from Ukraine in the last seven to eight years has tripled, and in 2015, amounted to more than USD 2 billion. "Isn't this an advantage?" Klimkin questions.

"Specifically, through partnerships with the IT sector, we plan to show that together, government and business can discuss challenges facing our country, and more importantly, solve them together."

Kilmkin recounts how a few years ago he was engrossed by the book Start-Up Nation, about the Israeli economic boom.

The book tells the story of how the combination of only two features - education and intellect - when used in the experience of an armed struggle for the state, were the key to success in Israel.

"Throughout the years of its existence, Israel did not just fight for itself. It also created a unique drive that elevated the country to a leadership position in the sphere of information technology, thanks to the high standard of education. Now comes our turn."

"We have also shown that we're able to fight. Our experience of countering the Russian aggression is a proof to that. Our education may be a bit worse, but nevertheless, in certain sectors we can show high quality. So we should start with them. We should start learning information technology, English language, and modern medicine. And we should constantly improve ourselves."

"Startups, the IT sector, and bio and nano-technology, in my opinion, are able to write a new page in our economic system," Ukraine's top diplomat concludes and ends his blog with an optimistic note:

"And it will happen. Soon."

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