: Turkey's coup attempt: Implications for Ukraine and EU
Opinion11:41 Jul. 22, 2016

Turkey's coup attempt: Implications for Ukraine and EU

Ukrainian diplomat and international politics expert on how attempted military uprising might affect Ukraine-Turkey relations

Discussing Ukraine-Turkey ties with Ukraine Today is Bohdan Yaremenko, Ukrainian diplomat, former Ukraine's consul to Turkey and head of NGO Maidan of Foreign Affairs.

Bohdan Yaremenko speaks about the recent developments in Turkey, reasons of the attempted coup and its consequences for Ukraine-Turkey relations.

Having historic ties with Ukraine, Turkey remains its important trade partner, and an essential player in the field of regional security. The Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine and Russia's annexation of Crimea have raised Turkey's involvement in the Ukrainian events. Ukraine and Turkey cooperate in developing Ukrainian Navy, as part of NATO activities, and also dealing with human rights protection of Crimean Tatars.

"The coup is of course an illegal action. And I believe, should the coup be successfully accomplished, it would basically damage our relations because as all other civilized democratic governments, Ukraine would be in need to reassess the policy regarding Turkey," Yaremenko said.

Bohdan Yaremenko shares his vision on the uprising reasons and failure of army forces.

"Security, economy and politics - I see all reasons for people in Turkey, or at least half of the population, which is another problem of Turkish political life right night, that the society is polarized, devided half by half, to be highly disturbed and concerned by activities of their government," the Ukrainian diplomat explained.

"I believe the lack of public support, the lack of communication as well as highly professional and effective response on behalf of Erdogan and his government became reasons for their success and defeat of the coup," he summed up.

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