: Ukraine makes first step towards reforming its judiciary
Opinion09:56 Jul. 19, 2016

Ukraine makes first step towards reforming its judiciary

Ukrainian president signs the bill paving way to judicial reform

President of Ukraine signs new bill on the judicial system and status of judges giving way to the much needed reform of judicial system in Ukraine.

Our correspondent Volodymyr Solohub discusses the benefits of the long-overdue reform with Vice President of Ukrainian National Bar Association Valentyn Gvozdiy.

"We have been waiting for this reform for a long time. And finally we have the biggest part of it. Because this law is not a reform in whole – only a part of the list of the bills, which need to be adopted in the nearest future by Ukrainian parliament. This is a first step, big first step, which is really important, this is big, because it regulates mostly judicial system by itself and status of judges." 


"We are also waiting for the new law on Constitutional court of Ukraine, the law on the high council of justice of Ukraine and in the end of this reform we're waiting for the new law on bar and practice of law."

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"Reform should not be harmful to the state. We have a lot of good and professional judges, who will be ready to work in a new system. they need to have a place in a new system. In my mind we cannot replace all the judges in one moment. This is impossible, but what is possible in the next 5-7 years – to finish this reform. Because you cannot do a reform overnight. You have to work hard. And it's now only about judges, it's also about lawyers. We as the national bar association we're standing together with our government with the idea that we need reforms in the judicial sector." 

"We need an effective instrument to be able to protect people's rights in courts, investors' rights in courts. Every investor should be certain that he or she or the company can preserve their investments in Ukraine. Now, it's a big issue in Ukraine and it's a big issue for the lawyers, because we need a rule of law in Ukraine. And this reform is leading us to this rule of law."

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"One of the ideas of the law was to remove as far as possible to the power of the parliament, of the president from the issue of appointing and dismissal of judges. And a new body – high council of justice will be created to replace the existing one, but with totally new powers. It will be in charge of qualification and disciplinary proceedings against judges which means that this body will be independent as much as possible."

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