News from Ukraine: Ukraine's Ambassador to UK on post-Brexit mood
Opinion11:10 Aug. 27, 2016

Ukraine's Ambassador to UK on post-Brexit mood

'My task is to keep Ukraine on the agenda in the the United Kingdom' - Natalia Halibarenko 

With the country divided and on its way out of the European Union, the United Kingdom is now more focused on its internal problems.

Ukraine's ambassador to the U.K. Natalia Halibarenko tells UT correspondent Volodymyr Solohub about the new challenges of her job and about ever-lasting war with Russian propaganda.

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"I proceed from the fact that the UK will be withdrawing from the European Union, but not from Europe.

My task is to keep Ukraine on the agenda, on the radars so to say of the United Kingdom now.

My perception is that people [in the U.K.] are absolutely aware of what is going on in Ukraine. There is no misperceptions or illusions about what is Russia doing in Donbas.

Our strength is that we are not doing counter-propaganda. Because this is, I think, a very bad approach. We're not creating any new realities, as Russia does. Our point is to tell the truth. And when I was speaking about the developments in Crimea, I said very frankly to all the people and all the journalists that I will not be presenting our vision of what is going on in Crimea, let's investigate together – we're absolutely open.  

I think that our transparency and our right to tell the truth – this is the best way to tackle Russian propaganda.

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However [Russian] tactics in the United Kingdom is a bit different. They are trying to use more cultural approach. They are trying to depict themselves as real Europeans. [But] when you are invading your neighbor – there can be no illusions about what values you are following. Or the case with Litvinenko. 

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