World Communication Forum in Kyiv: Ukraine's international reputation is getting more attention within the country's agenda
Opinion15:10 Sep. 14, 2016

Ukraine's international reputation is getting more attention within the country's agenda

World Communication Forum Davos in Kyiv will kick off with discussions on a win-win strategy as a response to conflicts

UT is joined by Kateryna Smahliy, the director of the Kennan Institute in Ukraine and a moderator on one of the panels at the World Communication Forum Davos Kyiv. Kateryna Smahliy reveals to the UT correspondent about the country's image abroad in the context of Ukraine's cultural diplomacy and a win-win strategy as a response to conflicts, which is the leading topic of the upcoming Conference.

As a moderator of the panel "Is there a global future without conflicts?", Kateryna Smahliy explained her vision on the matter and emphasized that communication will gain even more importance because conflicts are becoming even more severe and they require an adequate response.

"All analytical centers in the US, which try to make a prognosis for the foreseeable future, are very pessimistic. They say by the time we reach 2025, our world will become much more complicated and unfortunately, conflicts will become even more frequent. We as the general population, the global citizens, will become much more insecure and conflict-ridden situations will become a norm", Kateryna Smahliy said.

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Kateryna Smahliy is sure that cultural diplomacy starts with cultural products. She says Ukraine still hasn't produced enough cultural products for the past 25 years, which could be demonstrated to a foreign audience.

"Unless you become a very strong advocate of your own interest, of your own cultural product, no one in the world will do this job for us. So, this is a big task for Ukraine's cultural organizations and groups as well as a task for our government. We should understand it's time to invest, and finally use the great potential Ukraine's culture has internationally, improving not only Ukraine's image, but also the knowledge our partners can see within the country", Kateryna Smahliy explained.

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