: Ukraine's National Police Chief Stages Two Wars: Against criminals and corrupt officials
Opinion15:53 Jul. 4, 2016

Ukraine's National Police Chief Stages Two Wars: Against criminals and corrupt officials

One year after the launch of brand new police force and its chief fears that poor financing may lead to more corruption

In July 2015 the Ukrainian government started to gradually introduce the brand-new police force in the country's cities.

Now, almost a year since, we are joined by Ukraine's police chief Khatia Dekanoidze to discuss this major reform of the Ukrainian government. 

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"I can't say that of course that all police officers are fair right now – of course they are not. But we're trying to get rid of the corrupted officers.

I can face this pressure or stress every day, because it's my everyday job. And nobody can't deny that this is a tough job. Of course, it is tough. Because on the one hand we have to fight against criminals, and on the other hand – do some reforms.

There are a lot of signs of sabotage, resistance from the system, especially at the first phase, when we started.

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We have to realize how important for Ukrainians is to have free of corruption law enforcement system.

If the police officers don't get good motivation – like salaries, good equipment, good training, good place, where they can work, of course, it will be impossible to defeat corruption.

Unfortunately we still have budgetary problems, unfortunately still the salaries of the police officers aren't very good, but I think in the future it will be the priority for the government and it must be the priority of the government."

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