: Jan Tombiński: 'Ukrainian enterprises and Ukrainian products can be competitive'
Opinion22:07 Mar. 15, 2016

Jan Tombiński: 'Ukrainian enterprises and Ukrainian products can be competitive'

But the problem is that Ukrainian businessmen don't know or don't dare to get on the European Market, says E.U. Ambassador to Ukraine 

The E.U.-Ukraine DCFTA (Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Areas) that gives Ukraine partial access to the E.U. Internal Market provisionally came into force on January 1, 2016.

It is aimed at "the modernization of trade relations and economic development by the opening of the market".

Jan Tombiński, E.U. Ambassador to Ukraine talks about Ukraine's visa-free prospects and European market challenges.

"Ukrainian trade or exportation to the E.U. has been very much handicapped for the lowering of the prices on the World Market for commodities. It reflects the structure of Ukrainian exportation to the European Union. The volumes in tons or in quantity are almost the same, but the value for this quantity of exportation is lower than it has been. It reflects the general trend on the international market."

"Ukrainian enterprises and Ukrainian products can be competitive. The problem is that Ukrainian businessmen don't know or don't dare to get on the European Market."

The Visa Liberalization Action Plan was adopted in 2010. Since then more than six years has passed.

"This Parliament started the work with all commitment to regain trust of people. And we saw that parliamentarians do not wish to submit themselves to the check of their property, assets and how they are behaving. It worries them, because they are protecting their own interest and taking citizens as their hostages."

"My dream, that people realize that it is an interest of Ukraine. That is not an interest of the E.U. Therefore, I'm very conscious with the pressure from the outside. If it is only done under pressure, then I'll be in doubt about sustainability of the commitment. It should be done out of understanding that Ukraine needs it. Two years after Maidan (Ukraine) needs to change a page and start to work in the other spirit of commitment to the people."

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