Ukraine opens new markets: Ukraine seeks trading partners in Malaysia and Indonesia
Opinion19:21 Aug. 18, 2016

Ukraine seeks trading partners in Malaysia and Indonesia

Ukrainian delegation returns from Pacific Asia with hopes for trade boom 

Ukrainian delegation headed by President Poroshenko returns from official visits to Malaysia and Indonesia with hopes of opening new trade partnerships.

Ukrainian agricultural and pharma companies already eye Pacific Asian markets. But will this be a two-way road and will Indonesian and Malaysian investors come to Ukraine, including for privatization of state property?

UT correspondent Volodymyr Solohub discusses this with the First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Yuliya Kovaliv.

"The key issue for any foreign investor is about economic stability and the security of the country. Because any investor wants to have the predictable business climate in the country and predictable economy without major inflation, devaluation and restrictions on capital movement and so on.

[Indonesia] is for us a huge potential market to export our goods. Starting from agriculture, where our export is quite usual. But there are a lot of other goods that could be exported [to Indonesia]. And now the mission of both – the president and the government is to find the new markets and to help our business to reach this market."

"We plan to set up a business forum for ASEAN countries here in Kyiv, to invite their businesses, to invite Ukrainian businesses and to create a platform for B2B contacts, for elaborating cooperation and trade between the companies, which are quite far away. But nowadays, when information is circulating in seconds and logistics is quite developed, we have a huge potential."

"In terms of Odesa fertilizer plant privatization. I think it's a good lesson for the state property fund and for the government. It's not a failed story. The state property fund expects a new privatization set for October."


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