: Warning for everyone seeking changes
Vitaly Sych Vitaly Sych editor-in-chief of "Novoye Vremya" magazine

18:48 Aug. 5, 2016

Warning for everyone seeking changes

Vitaliy Sych,  editor-in-chief of "Novoye Vremya" online newspaper (UNIAN Photo)

Search and punishment of Sheremet's killers - a job for those who do not want to live in a slave country, says editor-in-chief of "Novoye Vremya" magazine

I saw Pavlo Sheremet for the last time two weeks ago, on July 7th, at Mechnikov Street. He parked his Subaru near a shop close to me, we got out of our cars, greeted, teased each other.

Have got in touch a long time ago, always joked when we met. He was a bright, loud and cheerful man, enthusiastic professional. I enjoyed being a guest at his shows on radio as well as on TV. They were always fun and witty. He was good at keeping the audience's attention, was friendly, but asked critical and not so pleasant questions. When a weird listener called to a studio while on-air and asked questions to the guest - as it often happens on the radio - he would cover the microphone with a hand, wink and use some strong language.

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The spectacular execution of Sheremet in Kyiv center - is the scariest political killing of a journalist since Georgy Gongadze's death in 2000. Then the red director Leonid Kuchma was a president. He was surrounded with oligarchs with dark past, and we could only dream of freedom of speech. It is shocking that some scum could dare to commit such a murder now, in 2016.

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I don't really believe in a Russian trail, I think some influential men in Ukraine are responsible - someone whose interests were affected by Ukrayinska Pravda. This is an attempt to bring journalists back to self-censorship and warn everyone who has the courage to investigate the outright theft and huge embezzlements - everything that prevents Ukraine from breaking away from the feudal system.

Half an hour after I read the news about Pavlo Sheremet's death I was taking my children to the kindergarten. Just in case, I left them with a concierge while I was starting the car. I never thought that the anxious feelings of Maidan times would come back to me. Search and punishment of the jerks who did it is the work not only for police but also for journalists, activists, and all the people, who do not want to live in a country of slaves.

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This is a translation of an article by Vitaly Sych, editor-in-chief of "Novoye Vremya". The original could be read here


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