: What stands in Ukraine's way to prosperity?
Opinion17:20 May. 17, 2016

What stands in Ukraine's way to prosperity?

Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade joins UT to talk about economic reforms 

In 2015 Ukrainian government announced several grand reforms, which could significantly improve economic situation in the country.

While Kyiv achieved some progress and success, the full implementation of these changes is far from finish. One of the main reasons for this, is poor cooperation between the country's government and the Parliament.

"Last year we presented to the Cabinet of Ministers a big action plan of deregulation, which will lead Ukraine to Top 20 of the Doing Business rating. But it is still not approved by our Parliament. And each new day delays positive changes in our society", Yuliya Kovaliv, Ukraine's First Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, explains in an interview with UT.

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So why are the Ministers and the lawmakers can't come to terms regarding the reforms in the country? Watch Ukraine Today to find out more.

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