: "When Putin dies people will realise you've been lying all along"
Opinion17:53 May. 19, 2016

"When Putin dies people will realise you've been lying all along"

Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Furdak takes on Russian propagandists at Eurovision

Ukraine won the Eurovision song contest 2016. International jury awarded the first prize to Jamala's song "1944", dedicated to the deportation of the Crimean Tatars.

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During the award, Ukrainian fans cheered the singer with the traditional greeting "Glory to Ukraine!". Their shouts left a Russian-owned state TV journalist outraged.

"He claimed political slogans were unacceptable at an international event. I told him, it was a patriotic slogan. I also advised him to confess, because after Putin dies, Russian correspondents will realise they were telling lies", Ukrainian journalist Dmytro Furdak says in an interview with UT.

The full version of the interview is available on Ukraine Today.

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