Canada in NATO: 455 Canadian troops are to go to Latvia NATO premises

17:29 Sep. 16, 2016

455 Canadian troops are to go to Latvia NATO premises

Signing of a Letter of Agreement between NATO, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on Airspace Management Arrangements in Support of the NATO Air Policing Mission and other Air Activities in the Baltic States (Source:

The soldiers will become the core of a multinational battalion

The Canadian-led multinational battalion in Latvia will receive 455 Canadian troops, Sargs website reports. There will be around 1,000 troops in the battalion. Each country will decide on the number of  soldiers to take part. It is still unknown which countries the battalion will include. The final decision is expected at NATO meeting in Croatia this weekend (September 16-18).

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The troops will arrive in Latvia next spring. The battalion is supposed to contribute to the collective defence of the alliance. This month, 150 experts from Canada, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, and Poland have already met in Latvia to discuss logistical, operational and legal aspects of battalion deployment.

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In July, NATO approved deploying four such military groups to the Baltic countries and Poland – to deter Russia from possible aggression. Each of them will be led by a different country.

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