: A new name for the Czech Republic?

11:44 Apr. 15, 2016

A new name for the Czech Republic?

Goltz-Kinsky palace, 1755-1765, on the left, and the Church of Our Lady before Tyn, 1365-1511, Old Town Square in Prague (Getty Images)

Officials want a shorter name for their country but not everyone agrees with the change 

Czech authorities have declared they are ready to simplify the country's name and call it Czechia, BBC Russian reports.

The 'Czech Republic' will also remain the country's official name, but according to the Czech officials, a shortened version – Czechia - will be easier to use, particularly for labelling food and clothing, or at a sports event.

Thus, Czechia may become an official short geographical name just like 'France' instead of the 'French Republic' or 'Russia' instead of the 'Russian Federation'.

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If the Czech Parliament approves the initiative, the new name will have to be introduced to the relevant U.N. database.

The Czech Republic emerged after Czechoslovakia split into two sovereign states in 1993.

Many of the country's largest exporters, like the Pilsner Urquell brand, use only one word for labelling products - Czech (instead of the Czech Republic).

However, in English, the word 'Czech' is an adjective, so it can't be used as the country's official name. Not everybody is happy with this initiative: some find the name 'Czechia' bad-sounding and also believe that it can be confused with Chechnya in English writing.


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