Tatars ignored voting in Crimea: A resolution not to recognize elections in Russia registered in Ukraine's parliament
Politics18:15 Sep. 19, 2016

A resolution not to recognize elections in Russia registered in Ukraine's parliament

Crimean Tatars mainly ignored voting at the Russian parliamentary elections

Today, a resolution to recognize the elections to Russia's State Duma illegitimate has been registered in the Verkhovna Rada with it being put to a vote tomorrow. It also addresses international partners with the same call. Ukrainian MPs say Russian authorities illegally held elections in the occupied peninsula.

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Crimean Tatars mostly ignored the elections. In particular, at some polling stations, where tatars are 90% of the local residents, voter turnout was only 9%.

In order not to vote, Tatars organized a peaceful campaign - making meat pastries at home (similar to Cornish Pasties in Britain).

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However, there were clashes near the Russian diplomatic posts in Kyiv and Odesa. Protesters were trying to prevent Russian citizens from voting. Police managed to stabilize the situation and detained 5 attackers.

This year's election turnout in Russia was less than 40%.

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